Plumbing repairs

Although a flooded kitchen or bathroom is a nightmare I can certainly help sort out, ignoring a dripping tap, although seemingly unimportant, might be costing you more money than you think.

Why not get your plumbing fixed once and fall all?

Repairs to...


There’s nothing quite as irritating as sitting on the white throne, only to realise your feet or a piece of clothing is getting wet because there’s a leak where there shouldn’t be one.

Or maybe your toilet’s flushing system has come to the end of its life, leaving you with one option: flushing with a bucket of water. That’s such a waste of energy!

I’ll fix your toilet once and for all in no time.


How much is that leaking tap costing you? Hard to say, right?

That’s because it seems insignificant.

But every little drop counts, especially in our day where water seems to be becoming more and more scarce.

Or maybe your taps are a nightmare to work with, requiring the strength of a superhero to operate.

I’ll fix your leaking tap to ensure you don’t waste a drop of water. And you won’t get a workout just from working the taps.

Wash basins

Wash basin taken a knock? Can it be fixed?

Hard to say…

But I can come have a look, give you a quote and make it look like new if possible and you approve.


Your shower got less power than a dripping tap?

Or perhaps it’s spraying everywhere except where you’re standing.

Maybe it’s time you get me to come have a look and get it performing the way a shower should.


If one of your pipes has burst and is gushing like the Gamtoos in flood, you’ll face a wide range of emotions, none of which are positive.

You need your pipes repaired. Not tomorrow. Now.

Give me a call and I’ll rush over to get it sorted for you quickly.

If you don’t get me to sort it out for you, you’ll be faced with a huge water bill, massive property damage and a mind on the brink of collapse.

It’s not worth it. Let me fix your water pipes.

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