Plumbing maintenance

What happens when a plumbing installation isn’t done correctly?

Do you really want to know? Or perhaps you’ve already been the victim of a bad installation and you’re thinking, “you don’t have to tell me!”

A little bit of maintenance goes a long way to ensuring you enjoy peace of mind.

Maintenance of...


Your geyser is an essential component in your home, ensuring you have hot water at the turn of a tap.

How horrible it would be to turn a tap only to realise your geyser doesn’t work anymore.

If you think your geyser needs to be taken a look at, make contact and I’ll come have a look.


Maybe your taps have been running for years without any trouble.

But how do you know their washers aren’t nearing the end of their life?

Let me give your taps a service before they perish completely and you wake up to a flooded bathroom or kitchen.


A toilet that goes on the coffee is not only NOT a pretty sight; it could lead to scorched nose hair (have you smelled a toilet system that doesn’t work properly anymore?)

Let me take a look and do some basic maintenance to ensure everything runs smoothly.

You know, keep things flush.

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