Plumbing installations

What happens when a plumbing installation goes wrong?

Do you really want to know? Or perhaps you’ve already been the victim of a bad installation and you’re thinking, “you don’t have to tell me! It’s a nightmare!”

When you use me for your plumbing installation, the job is done quickly, without compromising on quality.

Installation of...


A geyser that’s not properly installed could lead to unnecessary inflated electricity bills, not to mention leaks that could lead to other problems that extend beyond plumbing.

Get your geyser installed quickly and professionally.


Taps leaking? Have you any idea how much money you’re flushing down the drain?

Or perhaps you have trouble opening and closing your taps. In other words, just getting the water to flow is a pain in the hand.

Let me install your taps professionally. It’s a quick job with a satifying outcome.

Kitchen sinks

Installing a new kitchen sink is a daunting task. All those pipes need to be fitted perfectly to ensure there are no leaks.

And often the space is confined, making it difficult to do the job properly.

Let me install your kitchen sink while you sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that your kitchen sink will work perfectly and look great.


A basin that’s not properly installed could lead to leaks, which lead to inflated water bills.

Or if not done professionally, it might work, but look horrible, with no thought given to your bathroom’s aesthetic.

When I install a basin, it not only works perfectly, I also ensure the installation is of the highest standard so it doesn’t stand out like a sore toe in your beautiful bathroom.

Bath tubs

Your bathtub is a sanctuary of tranquility after a long day slogging through demands made on you by other people.

It’s where you relax, soak up the soothing suds and let your stress take a dive.

Naturally, you want the last thing to worry you, be the very thing you’re relaxing in to get rid of your worries.

That’s only possible if you have your bathtub installed well.

Let me do it for you. It’ll be done in the most professional way, ensuring the only thing you have to worry about is how much bubble bath you still have at your disposal.


Do you REALLY want a leaky throne???

Think about it…

You’re blissfully sitting there and the next moment you notice everything below you is wet.

But in all the wrong places, like around your feet!

It’s not worth it to skimp on this, one of the most important places in the modern western home.

Let me install your toilet and you won’t have to worry about leaks that could lead to embarrassed family members or friends.

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